Tito Fees

3% Per
  • Community & non-profit
    events (apply) 2.5%
  • Charity events (apply) 1%
  • Free events Free

Payment Gateway Fees

To use Tito to sell paid tickets you’ll need to connect a payment gateway to process payments on your behalf.
  • Transaction fees* 2.9% + 30¢

For our paid plans, we will cap our per-ticket fee to €25. For example, if you are on the 3% rate, tickets above €833.33 will incur a flat fee of €25 each.

Tito can be used with 139 currencies in any country where Stripe or PayPal are available.

Frequently asked questions

Is Tito available in my country?

We don’t limit which countries Tito can be used in. However if you want to sell paid tickets you’ll need to use one of our supported payment gateways, some of which are region specific.

Why are there two fees?

Tito charges a fee to use all our event management features. The processing of ticket payments is handled by a payment gateway, e.g. Stripe, and they charge a separate fee. Use our calculator below to get an idea of what you’ll make on your event.

What’s the charity vs the non-profit plan?

Our 1% charity plan is for events where all of the proceeds go to charity. Our 2.5% fee rate is for community, non-profit or charity organisations where there is no commercial affiliation. Fill in this form and we’ll get you on the right plan.

When will I receive my funds?

Your funds are sent directly to your bank account by your chosen payment gateway and this means Tito can never hold or delay your money. The exact time depends on the payment gateway. Stripe, for example, pays out on a rolling basis every 2-7 days.

Can I run financial reports?

Yes! Tito has built-in reporting on expenditure, orders, source tracking and lots more. And it's easy to export your data from Tito as a csv file to pull into any other finance tools you use, taking the headache out of event reports.

Are there any other costs to use Tito?

Nope! There’s no setup fee, no monthly subscription, and no extra fee to use premium features. You only pay a fee on tickets sold. And you don't pay for Tito when you're not using it.

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