About Us

Who are we?

Tito is an independent company based in Dublin, Ireland, with a team in Ireland and the UK. We aim to provide delightful experiences to our customers, based on strong ethical values and a commitment to excellence

We want to have a net-positive impact on the world. Founded upon strong ethical values, we pursue excellence by aiming to provide the highest level of service and standards. We continually strive to create delightful experiences and to enrich people's lives in what we build and how we build. We want to be a force for good, and ultimately to inspire these values in our peers and our customers.

Founded by Paul and Doc, we have built a growing platform and a sustainable business which has proudly processed over €500 million worth of tickets for thousands of organisers worldwide. We have received funding support from Enterprise Ireland and investment from a number of private individuals.

In 2020, COVID changed the world. Event organizers were forced to rethink their strategies, and so too did we. Vito is our new platform built off the back of our years of running and supporting events.

While gathering in-person continues to be a fond memory for now, we believe the future of events will be hybrid. Vito aims to provide a unique event experience while fostering the community around events; before, during and after.

Importantly, we’re building while prioritizing the privacy and safety of participants.

It’s something we’ve been thinking about for a long time and we’re excited about the new opportunities it will bring to event organizers and participants.

For more information head over to vi.to.

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What do we care about?


We respect our customers, their customers and our team. You won’t find any shady goings on behind the scenes. Every business decision that affects our customers is scrutinised and we always encourage feedback from the team and our customers.

We care about doing the right thing, and having opinions about how subtle software decisions can solve real problems. We know that hard problems can’t be solved overnight, but we care about trending toward our ideals, step by step.

Our team

Right now we’re a team of seven and believe great things can be done with a small team. Because we’re small, everyone is involved and everyone feels like part of business and the product. They care about our goals and about our future.

We want to build a meaningful and fulfilling working environment, and create the kind of company that we would want to be a part of.

Our customers

They are the life and soul of Tito. We’ve grown slowly to make sure we can listen to feedback and improve the product. Our customers span all walks of life, from community groups to tech giants, to cake festivals. They all have needs and wants and we try and provide software that will ease their day-to-day.

Life outside the office

Whether it’s spending time with friends and family, in the great outdoors or glued to Breath of the Wild, we encourage sensible working hours and personal days when needed.


We care about inclusivity and diversity and are building a small team of advisors to help us improve and ensure that we create a modern, safe, inclusive workplace for everyone.

Our product

We built Tito because we believe event registration can be better. A great attendee experience should start with us and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

What you won't find at Tito?

Exponential growth

Gentle and organic is just fine with us. That’s not to say we don’t have ambition, we just don’t want to pursue growth at all costs and risk compromising the integrity of our business.

Meaningless engagement

We build and design to delight our customers, not entrap them. Same goes for sales and marketing. We value strong, lasting relationships, and not fast, one-off deals.

A metrics-only approach

Numbers are good but they aren’t everything.

Ninjas, rockstars, or fantastic beasts

We prefer humans and humility.

The three things that guide us

  1. Ensuring that our actions now do not cause harm later. Having integrity.
  2. Ensuring that what we set out to do closely matches what we actually do. Pursuing excellence.
  3. Providing value where it is least expected. Seeking to delight.

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