Tito Documentation

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Adding your team

Tito allows you to add colleagues and team members to give them access to all or some of your events.

To access team settings, click on your account name to get to the Account Settings for that account, then click on Team.


Teams allow you to group people together based on their access level and the events that they have access to.

Access levels

Tito provides three access levels:

  • Admin
  • Moderator
  • User

Admin team

Anyone on the admin team can access all features of Tito.

Moderator team

Anyone on a moderator team can access all features for an event, but they don’t have access to billing details for Tito or adding additional Teams and members.

User team

A user team can access most of the event management features, but does not have access to financial info in reports, and cannot perform refunds.

Restricting access to specific events

When you create or edit a team, you can choose to give access to only certain members of your account, and you can limit their access to only specific events.

Inviting team members

To invite colleagues or team members, click on the team you’d like to invite them to, and then click Invite team members, and add their email address(es) there.

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