Tito Documentation

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Handling Tax

Tito allows you to add tax types per event. When you add a tax type, it applies to all ticket prices. Any ticket prices you set will be assumed to be tax inclusive.

Adding a tax type

Head to Customize, then the Money tab. Click Add New Tax Type. Once you hit Create Tax Type, the tax rate will automatically apply to existing and future orders.

If you go to the Invoicing tab, you can add organisation details for tax purposes, and add information that will appear on all invoices.

Your customers can also add any information they like to their invoice for their own compliance.

VAT in the European Union

Events in the Europe Union are treated slightly differently to products and services. Please consult a local tax advisor on the ins and outs of the local requirements for your event. We also commissioned a VAT in the European Union guide that we encourage you to check out.

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