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Refunds and Ticket Cancellations

All of the payment providers supported by Tito also support raising refunds against payments from within the Tito interface.

You can use the same interface to cancel tickets from a particular order, independent of refunds.

The amount that you refund doesn’t have to correspond to the original ticket price, and you can process a refund without cancelling tickets, and vice versa.

Processing a refund or cancellation

Go to Orders and browse or search for the order you want to refund. Click on Actions and then Refund to bring up the refund console. You can choose whether to refund the whole order or partial.

Hit Process Refund when you’re ready to process. If for any reason the refund cannot be processed, you can choose to just log the refund in Tito, and then you’ll need to process the refund with your payment provider directly.

Once you have processed the refund, you can choose if you would like to cancel any tickets.

A refund receipt will show up in the Receipts section of the order view, and any cancelled tickets will be removed from the active attendees list.

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