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Payment Options

Tito currently supports four external payment services.

  • Stripe is our preferred payment provider.
  • PayPal is the most broadly supported provider.
  • Pin is similar to Stripe for the Australian market.
  • Realex is an Internet Gateway provider based in Ireland.

Adding a payment option

You can either add a payment option directly to your account, or when you’re setting up an event. If you add it to an event, it will be saved to your account for future use.

Adding a payment option to an event

Click Customize, then Money, then Edit. You’re now on the account billing tab.

Adding a payment option to an account

Click on your account name in the Tito header, then click “Payment Options”.

Once you’re on the account payment options section, you can add a payment option.

Choose the provider you’d like to add, hit the connect button, and follow the instructions provided.


  • Currencies supported: 138 Currencies, depending on your location See Stripe’s Currency Page for more
  • Additional merchant account: not required

We integrate with Stripe using their Connect platform. After you set up a Stripe account, it’s a one click integration.


We integrate with PayPal using their Permissions API and their Express Checkout Integration.

Sometimes PayPal’s permissions API does not grant permission credentials at the first attempt, and it can require serveral attempts to connect. Keep trying!


  • Currencies supported: AUD, NZD, USD
  • Additional merchant account: not required

Once your Pin account is in live mode, you will get access to your production credentials that you can add to Tito:

  • a publishable key
  • a secret key


  • Currencies supported: Depends on merchant account
  • Additional merchant account: not required

Realex is a more traditional gateway, and requires a merchant account with your bank before you can process payments. Contact your banking relationship manager to get this set up. Ultimately, you’ll end up with an internet merchant ID that you can provide to Realex so that they can set up your account.

Once you’re set up with production access, you’ll get your your Realex credentials that you can add to Tito:

  • a merchant ID
  • a shared secret
  • an account

Realex supports multiple accounts, and you can add multiple integrations with different account names.

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