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Sending Emails to Interested People and ticket holders (beta)

The Tito messaging tool allows you to send messages to people who have registered interest for your event or to particular ticket-holders.

To use the tool, go to the Messages section in Tito.

Click on Add new message to get started.

The message tool provides a number of options specific to events.

Choosing Recipients

You can send a message to:

  • a list of non-ticket-holders (for example organisers, for testing or keeping them in the loop)
  • people who ordered or hold specific ticket types
  • people who registered interest (you can also filter out people who subsequently bought tickets)
  • people who attended a number of or all of previous events

Exclude Registered Attendees

If you are sending a message to your mailing list and you want to exclude people who have already signed up to your event, you can choose to “exclude registered attendees”.

Include the person who placed the order

Sometimes the person placing the order is not the person who ended up getting the ticket. You can choose to include the people who placed the order too, so that they are kept in the loop.

Only send reminder emails

Since Tito does not require people placing an order to provide all information up front, sometimes you will want to send reminder emails to people who have not yet completed their ticket. You can filter your recipients to those who have not yet completed a ticket (including the person who placed the order if they didn’t fill in an email address) by checking the box here.

Composing Your Message

Our default template is designed to be clean and simple. At this point, you just type a subject and a body and your message will be ready to send.

If you want to send a message with a custom HTML template, you can do so with the Add a custom HTML version. Tito will automatically inline any styles you use, and you can put the contents of the “Body” field into the HTML by using the {{{body}}} Mustache tag.

The “Body” field also supports Markdown for formatting.

You can also add a number of attributes to your message using Markdown, and use Markdown syntax to offer fallbacks if the attributes are blank.

For example, if you want to provide a fallback for a ticket that doesn’t have a first name set, you can use:

Hi{{first_name}}{{^first_name}} there{{/first_name}},

Sending your message

Click on “Save draft and review” to get to the review screen. You’ll see a preview of the message, and you can click through to the “next message” if you want to double-check that your attributes work, and that the listed tickets are correct for each email address.

Below the preview, you’ll see a list of recipients. Note we only send one email per person, so if a person has multiple tickets, they will only get one email, but each email will be listed below the message that gets sent to them.

You can send a test to any of the recipients before you send the whole message, or you can remove someone manually, before hitting “Send messages” and then “Send now” to send the message.

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