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Integrations with Third-Party Systems

Tito has a number of ways to integrate with third-party systems. Most of these are currently in beta or experimental status, so tread carefully, but do please send us feedback if something does not work (or does).

Integrating with custom systems

Webhooks and API

The path of least resistance to third-party integrations is using our webhooks. Work on Tito’s API continues. We originally implemented a read-only V1 API at https://api.tito.io, but abandoned plans to finish that off in favour of building a JSON API compliant read-write API. You can read the work-in-progress docs for that here. The API will eventually expand to offer most if not all of the functionality of our admin or checkout UIs. If you have any specific questions about the API, or if you need something specific, let us know

The Tito widget

You can send data to the Tito widget using JSON via the prefill attribute on the widget.

Prefilling order details

You can prefill order details by passing a prefill attribute to the widget.

Redirecting back to your domain

  1. Custom close link
    The custom close link allows you to set a URL that the customer will be redirected to if they click the “X” to close their order after their order is complete.
  2. Custom auto-redirect link (private-beta, please email us to activate)
    The custom auto-redirect is a URL that the customer will be taken to automatically either a) immediately after they fill in their details and pay or b) after they complete every ticket in an order.

For both options, you can pass :registration_id to include the unique slug that you can use to look up the order later, ie:


Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics integration is in private beta. Please contact us if you’d like it enabled on your account.

iframe callbacks

(this feature is in private-beta, please email us to activate)

The iframe callback is what powers our Google Analytics integration, but you can use it to add whatever third-party tracking you like during the Tito checkout.

As per the widget documentation, your site can listen for certain Tito events. The problem with this is that if your customer is on mobile, you won’t be able to capture any of these events because Tito will redirect to our ti.to domain. You can, however, host a custom page or provide custom HTML that will listen for the Tito events inside an iframe throughout the whole checkout. See the documentation for details.

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