The San Francisco Startup CTO Summit - 2014

UPDATE - sold out - just click on the form at the bottom off the page if you want to be notified of next years summit!

If you manage engineers, come learn from and connect with your peers at the San Francisco Startup CTO summit. At this full day, single track summit, learn how companies like Stripe, Snapchat, Neo4j, Coinbase and Grouper build and run their engineering teams.

This event will be limited to only 50 attendees so we expect it to sell out quickly, and we’re only allowing technologists running engineering teams to attend.

The Startup CTO Summit Series was created to allow CTO’s and engineering leaders to learn from and connect with their peers. It’s not hard to find a gathering of technologists debating front end frameworks, containerization or the relative benefits of Scala, Clojure and Go. Finding a group of geeks talking about the hard parts of building a successful engineering team like hiring, developing an engineering culture and managing (your team and your boss) is more challenging.

Each summit is a full day, single track event for learning from and connecting with your peers that are running fast growth engineering teams.


  • 8.30am Registration and Breakfast

  • 9.20am Welcome

  • 9.30am Keynote: Peter Magnusson, SVP Oracle, ex-Snapchat/Google - Small Team Tactics

  • 10.00am Keynote: Emil Eifrem, (technical) CEO, Neo4j - Dear CTO, You Have One Job...

  • 10.30am Keynote: Greg Brockman, CTO Stripe - #define CTO: a fireside chat

  • 11.00am Break

  • 11.30am Tom Brown, CTO Grouper - Building an Engineering Brand

  • 11.50am Jeff Casimir, Founder Turing School of Software & Design - Finding Your Next Great Engineer

  • 12.10pm Adrian Macneil, Director of Engineering, Coinbase - Optimizing for Trust

  • 12.30pm Lunch

  • 1.30pm John Coogan, CTO Soylent - Solo Engineering from a WordPress blog to 1,000 shipments per day

  • 1.50pm Russell Smith, CTO Rainforest QA - Moving fast without breaking things

  • 2.10pm Sam McAfee, Principal, Neo Innovation - Stop Flying Blind! Quantifying Risk with Monte Carlo Simulation

  • 2.30pm Randy Shoup, Consulting CTO - Good Enough is Good Enough - Software Architecture in a Startup Environment

  • 2.50pm Break

  • 3.30pm Garrett Wu, CTO WibiData - Fireside chat

  • 3.50pm Brandon Philips, CTO CoreOS - Building a Company with Open Source

  • 4.10pm Brian Bulkowski, CTO Aerospike - The Business of Scaling - what Startups can learn from Real-time Bidding

  • 4.30pm Jez Humble, VP Chef - Measuring and Changing Culture

  • 4.50pm Next steps

  • 5.00pm Open bar

  • 7.00pm Event ends


Neo Innovation Neo is a global company with the heart of a startup. We strive to put new products into the world that solve real needs. We agree with Marc Andreessen that "software is eating the world" and disrupting businesses of all kinds. It's not about "apps" but rather how technology can open up new possibilities and make things and people smarter, streamlined, and scalable. We're here to dream up, validate, and ultimately build those ideas in partnership with our clients.

Neo Innovation

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Additional Information

My name’s Peter Bell. I used to run engineering for a number of startups in New York - including General Assembly. In March of this year I organized a Startup CTO summit in NYC along with Lucas Nelson from Gotham Ventures. I thought 20 friends would show up. We ended up selling out the venue, with 110 engineering leaders and with presentations from the CTO’s of companies including Gilt Groupe, MongoDB, Tumblr, Birchbox, Warby Parker and

This fall, we’re running conferences in San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Boston, Melbourne and Sydney. Attendance to the event is strictly limited to engineering leaders. No recruiters, non-technical co-founders or other business stakeholders will be allowed (we enforce this policy strictly and will refund tickets of anyone we can’t admit). That said, we’re not hung up on job titles. Some of our best attendees have titles like CEO or VP Product. As long as you can perform a technical code review, know how to submit a pull request and are interested in better hiring, managing and organizing developers, we can’t wait to meet you!

Unfortunately due to an overwhelming response, the call for papers is now closed, but if you’d like to support the event, there are a range of sponsorship packages available - just email for more information.