Дpp LoçałizaтïØn: Tяicks and Tips ヅ

Localizing mobile applications for many markets is a necessary and time-consuming challenge. In this practical hands-on event, Alexey Rashevskiy will offer his experience in localizing iOS applications and testing the result.

Also on the playbill we have an Apps Showcase entry, with Karl Monaghan showing off the new Broadsheet app.

We kick off at 6.15pm at the Science Gallery on Pearse St., Dublin 2. Make sure to follow @Xcakelabs for the latest news and updates.


Additional Information

Xcake:labs has grown out of a need for iOS developer and designer attendees of the Dublin Xcake sessions to share code and other expertise in a setting that's not primarily talk-driven.

An Xcake:lab is a hands-on coding or designing session, trimmed to size for a handy 2 or 3 hour time slot. Minimal slideware in support of the code is worthy, full presentations are not: we aim to reduce multicast talk and instead foster a more active learning environment.