Quick 2-Hour Workshops: ES6 and Functional JavaScript with Kyle Simpson

Respected JavaScript trainer and author Kyle Simpson will be visiting London later this month, running a series of workshops on both ES6, Async and writing functional JavaScript.

If you cannot attend Kyle's two-day-workshop we are happy to announce we also have two additional 2-hour sessions available on Wednesday, June 29 covering ES6 and Functional JavaScript respectively.


Additional Information

Wednesday, June 29 (2pm - 4pm) — ES6: The Right Parts

ES6 is not about new features, despite what you've heard. It's also not about saving keystrokes.

The main story of ES6 is how it lets us improve our existing code by taking old patterns/idioms that are cluttered and noisy and rewriting them in declarative forms that help our code make more sense to the reader.

In this mini-workshop, we'll take a quick overview, a glance at some of the easy highlights of ES6, comparing old and new ways of doing things, including block scoping, parameter defaults, destructuring, and template strings.

You will come away excited to improve your code readability with the newest ES6 goodness!

Wednesday, June 29 (6.30pm - 8.30pm) — Functional-Light JavaScript

The problem with learning to write in a functional style is all the confusing terminology like 'monads' and 'endfunctors'. But Functional Programming (FP) is incredibly useful for improving our ability to reason about our programs and eliminate bugs, so there's much value in pushing through these barriers.

But what if we could learn the basic concepts of FP without all the terminology, and apply those to improving our JS? In this mini-workshop, we'll go over these foundations, from pure functions (no side effects) to value immutability, function composition to recursion, and list operations (map/reduce/filter).