Kyle Simpson's JavaScript Workshop in London

Kyle Simpson (a.k.a. @getify), JavaScript trainer and author of the popular O'Reilly You Don't Know JS book series, is making a rare trip to London to run a two-day JavaScript workshop covering ES6 and asynchronous programming techniques in depth.


Additional Information

The general outline for the workshop is as follows:

Day 1 (Monday, June 27) - ES6: The Right Parts

An opinionated guide to the new features of ES6 that you should be using (and those to avoid) and why they help improve your pre-ES6 code's readability/understandability. We'll cover block scoping, rest/spread, destructuring, object literal improvements, template literals, symbols, iterators, and generators.

Day 2 (Tuesday, June 28) - Rethinking Async

A ground-up deep dive into all aspects of async JS, starting first with understanding what concurrency is, then looking at callbacks to see the pros/cons, then building on that understanding towards promises, generators, and finally higher order patterns like reactive observables and CSP channels.

The venue is etc.venues Tenter House in Moorgate - EC2Y 9AE (for anyone unfamiliar with London, central, within the City).