Financial Metrics Workshop Orlando

Time: 10:00 AM–4:00 PM

Financial Metrics: Get a Grip, Grow Your Business & Improve Profitability with Jody Grunden of Summit CPA Group

What is forecasting and why do you need to do it? What are the key metrics driving that forecast? Learn why you should use a forecast as a guide for every business decision you make, i.e., expansion, acquisition, buyout and retirement.

What if you could pull a lever to improve your company’s performance? You can! Discover how to use those metrics as levers to lead your company to higher profitability.

How do you determine and measure your pipeline? Your pipeline metric (what you currently have under contract and what you have “in the works”) should not be forgotten as it can have a drastic impact on your revenue forecasting.

In addition, you’ll learn how and where to compare your metrics with those of others in the industry. Discover where you fall short and where your company has the most room for improvement.

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Additional Information

During this workshop, Jody will cover:
• What forecasting is and why you need it
• Key metrics driving forecasting
• How to determine and measure your pipeline
• How and where to compare your metrics with those of others in the industry

Lunch is included.