Audible side effects: Clojure music gathering at :clojureD 2020

A day full of quality time with Clojure friends to work on music and sound projects. This is really open to your ideas and interests and could be to make progress on libraries, explore algorithmic composition or do sound design in the browser.

Most important though is to meet people, enjoy creative Clojure coding and having a good time!

This is a satellite event to the :clojureD 2020 conference and happens the day after the conference. There is also the BOB conference and the International Clojure Data Science Meetup happening, please check them out.

Important Information

You don't need a :clojureD ticket to join to join this event. Just join, if you are interested.

Please make sure to bring headphones! We are going to spend the day more or less in the same room, which means we have to use headphones to keep it sane and enjoyable working with sound. For collaboration, Y-splitter cables would be useful. We plan to have some decent speakers for demo time.

You should of course also bring your computer with the setup that works for you. If you want to bring any other hardware, please do so (e.g. synthesizers or controllers).

We plan to start at 11:00 and end at around 19:00. This will happen in the Pitch office (at Joachimstraße 7, 10119 Berlin), just a short walk from subway stations Rosenthaler Platz or Weinmeisterstraße.

Getting in touch

If you got any recommendations, ideas or questions, please get in touch: