? Advanced Vue - 3 days - Hawaii Edition ?

  • 3 Days
  • 2 Trainers
  • 1 Goal: Master Vue

Group and Individual Tasks - Fun Activities - Unique Learning Experience

All Levels Welcome - Team Discounts Available

Chris and Gerard

Learn everything about Vue using an innovative and immersive format. Join this unique opportunity where you will learn from experienced trainers in a beautiful location so you can fully disconnect and get the best results. Materials include slides with hands-on exercises and group activities.

What You'll Learn

This is an advanced course. Let's talk advanced topics:

  • Vue Fundamentals
  • Mastering Components
  • Advanced Routing with Vue Router
  • Vuex and Dynamic Modules
  • Testing w/ Jest/Cypress
  • Animations/Motion
  • GraphQL/AWSAppSync/Auth0
  • Enterprise Ready Vue

Your Trainers

Chris Sevilleja @chrisoncode

Founder of web dev tutorial site, scotch.io and fan of keeping it simple.

Gerard Sans @gerardsans

International Vue Speaker and Trainer. Loves trainings in flip flops

VueJS Amsterdam - VueJS Summit Sao Paulo

The Venue

Waikiki is an amazing tourist and paradise destination. Code just minutes away from the beach at Impact Hub Honolulu.

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