Virtual Festival of Façades 2020

Zak World of Façades is pleased to announce the Virtual Festival of Façades, a one of a kind digital event whereby we are inviting all our global attendees to register on a single virtual platform where we will be running keynote presentations, technical presentations, panel discussions, candid tête-à-tête chats, whitepaper launches and more in this 4 month fiesta.

Until we meet again in person, our commitment is to deliver this global virtual event on façades which will go beyond the usual webinar as it is produced using the most innovative digital tools in the most innovative way to seamlessly deliver a personalised learning and networking experience through curated content, high level insights and interactive virtual engagement tools. This event is for all of us to thrive and grow together as we move into a different future at the same time which we had never ever imagined.

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  • Complementary pass for Architects, Developers, Façade Consultants, General Contractors, Façade Contractors, Fire Consultants, PMC, etc. Please click on the "Join the Waiting List" button then enter your name and business email id for faster approval. One of our team members will validate this and you will then be able to complete the registration and get access. More details in the FAQ.
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