Write to Speak: April 2018

What is it?

Thinking about giving a talk at a meetup? Working on your talk proposal for a conference? Come share your ideas for a talk, or get peer review on your talk proposal 📝

Write to Speak is a roundtable style workshop (no talks) with mentors to help you shape up your proposal.

Who will be there?

Write to Speak is a community with members across the whole spectrum of skills and experiences. Some members are experienced organizers, speakers and community members who can help guide your proposals. Many others are people who have given talks at boro.js meetups and want to give more talk at conferences. If you are trying to do more speaking engagements, you'll find likeminded people here. If you are thinking of giving your first talk, there will be many people who can share their first time experience!

When/where is it?

Location: BuzzFeed, 111 E 18th St.

Time: April 17th, 6PM–9PM


  • free
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