World IA Day Zürich 2020

World IA Day Zürich is back with fabulous Swiss and international speakers. Join us for 2 days full of inspiring talks, awesome people and a very special activity on Friday!

Keynote and talks by:

Dan Klyn (USA), Hertje Brodersen (DE), Lara Portmann (CH), Patrick Labud (CH)

Special Edition - Architecture Walk with:

Dan Klyn


  • Dan Klyn takes us on a walk to explore how understanding is a function of the situatedness of human bodies, material, and equipment in space. In 4 hours, covering 4 km and 1700 years of history, this workshop will enable consideration and direct comparison of phenomena and experiences in 3 different kinds of sacred space in Zurich. Along the way, we'll encounter myriad opportunities to observe the ways that up-ness, down-ness, and adjacency effect meaning in the built environment, and to ask how these examples speak to the work we do on digital products and services.
  • Pay what you like for the conference. Minimum price is CHF 30.00 which covers your food (breaks and lunch) For instance, CHF 50.00 will help to finance the international speakers, CHF 100.00 to support the global event (eg. third world locations that celebrate WIAD).
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