Hackathon Challenge Introduction Q&A

  • Introduction of the Hackathon Challenges
  • Q&A Time

A 36-hours Hackathon of App development, where diverse ideas collide and the best ones emerge as a new product or service. It’s a mix of creative fun, with coding, designing and marketing working together in teams for accelerated productivity. Shine in front of tech leaders presenting your project "on digital stage".

Participants will work in teams from Saturday morning (November 27th) HKT and have 36-hours to devise, build and launch their prototypes. the event will then conclude with a pitch on our digital stage to startup, talents, experts and judges during the final event on Sunday (November 28th).

The winner will be awarded their prizes during SIS 4.0 https://whub.io/scaleup-impact-summit by Sean Lee - CEO of the Algorand Foundation


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