2020 March - DeepCodeAI's Frank Fischer

Frank Fischer is head of Developer Relations at DeepCode, the Zurich based company that uses AI to identify bugs before they happen. He is coming to present at the West Midlands Java User Group.

This developer-only event takes place at 19:00 on Wednesday 12th February in Birmingham city centre.

Booking Notes

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Additional Information

Session Abstract

19:00 - Practical Static Code Analysis

Static Program Analysis provides huge benefits on a wide scale of aspects, yet roughly a third of all developers say they are not using any SPA at all.

Frank will provide an overview of what tools are out there, how they work, and what the pros and cons they have. All of this peppered with examples and look behind the scenes of SPA tools. It shall help you to build your very own tool stack.

Finally, we give an outlook on the immediate future and what to expect from upcoming tools.

  1. Intro, some stats, and motivation
  2. Some theory refresher (semantic vs syntax, ML vs Symbolic AI, representing code in graphs, representing knowledge in ontologies)
  3. Textual processing – the very basic tools and ML
  4. Linters and AST
  5. Event Graphs and Symbolic AI towards Augmented AI (yes, we got it all)
  6. Dos and Don'ts – how to build your tool stack
  7. Outlook – what to expect more
  8. Call to action


About Frank

Frank Fischer is a 20+ year industry veteran who worked for Microsoft, Google, Deutsche Telekom, and others. He is doing the developer relations of DeepCode AG. While Malta is his home base, he travels a lot in Europe and the US.  He holds an MSc in Physics (Karlsruhe, Germany) and an MSc IT (Liverpool, UK), currently he does his final thesis in Organizational Psychology (Liverpool, UK).

Diving is a secret pleasure!

Find him on Twitter @cu_0xff

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