2019 Jun - Jean-Louis Monteiro / Tomitribe

Our June event sees Tomitribe's Director of Engineering Jean-Louis Monteiro join us at the West Midlands Java User Group to share his knowledge of eclipse microprofile. His colleague and WM-JUG member Jonathan Gallimore will be co-presenting. Expect to go away with a solid understanding of lightweight microservices, and stateless microservice security via JWT, TomEE and MicroProfile.

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Session Abstracts

19:00 - Lightweight Microservices with Microprofile and Raspberry PIs

Microservices has been buzzword in the last years in software engineering. It helps to solve issues we had with monolith applications, however it also brings new challenges.

Eclipse MicroProfile provides a time to market set of specifications and tools addressing these many challenges. Jean-Louis will be looking on how to use these spec implementations in practice throughout this presentation and show step-by-step examples on how to add monitoring with MP Health and with MP Metrics, security with MP JWT, custom configuration with MP Config, and also teach how to easily provide documentation with MP OpenAPI and much more.

Lightweight will be achieved by deploying and running Docker on raspberry PIs.


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20:30 - Stateless Microservice Security via JWT, TomEE and MicroProfile

Microservices based architecture seems to be the common convergence point in the industry.

But when it comes to security we are still struggling to evolve from monolithic systems or people oriented architecture. This presentation will be focusing on this landscape and explain how to leverage the quickly evolving MicroProfile JWT specification to secure Microservices and in a fully stateless and scalable manner.

We’ll introduce the specification in a quick and no nonsense fashion and move on to several code examples that show how to setup JWT verification and obtain trusted claims via lookup or dependency injection. For our playground, we’ll be using Apache TomEE, fully open source lightweight Java EE server and MicroProfile implementation.

About Jean-Louis

Jean-Louis is Director of Engineering at Tomitribe, Member of the Apache Foundation, seasoned Architect and deeply passionate about Open Source.

His background is in banking, insurance, telecommunications, and public domain. His first contributions to Apache were implementing WS-Security in TomEE and is an active contributor to many other projects including OpenEJB, OpenWebBeans, Geronimo and Sirona.

He is involved in the Java Community Process (JCP) and is an active member of the EJB 3.2 expert group. He shares his knowledge by speaking at Java User Groups (JUG) and conferences such as ApacheCon Europe and Devoxx. His past experiences and present specialties include Spring, Hibernate, JPA, CDI, JSP, SOAP, RESTful services, WS-Security, Tapestry, Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Java EE, SOA architecture and much more. And beyond his “normal” workday he also teaches Web Services, Java EE, and more at his local university in France.

If Jean-Louis is not coding or playing with his precious children, Luna, Luka and Luis, he is living his second life as a referee in the French National Handball League.

You can follow him on twitter at @JLouisMonteiro

About Jonathan

Jon is a passionate Apache TomEE committer, developer and Director of Support at Tomitribe.

He started contributing to Apache TomEE in 2007, working on EJB 3.1 compliance, OpenEJB Eclipse Plug-in, early Tomcat 7 integration (that became the basis for TomEE) and the first version of the TomEE Arquillian adapter. Jon has worked as a developer and Java EE architect on projects across media, banking, and sports industries.

Jon enjoys contributing technical write-ups to JAX Magazine and the Tribe blog, along with participating as a speaker at conferences JAX London, ApacheCon and CodeOne.

He enjoys spending time with his wife Laura, daughter Penny, and son Tommy, who are all avid Formula 1 fans.

You can follow him on twitter at [@jongallimore](https://twitter.com/jongallimore

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