2019 Dec 2019 - Java Champion Otavio Santana

What can we say about Otavio Santana. Well, he is Brazilian, and he is the only Java expert in the World that has been awarded 'every' conceivable Java award. We heard he is also a mean pianist.

This developer-only event takes place at 19:00 on Thursday 5th December in Birmingham city centre.

Booking Notes

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Please respect that seats are in demand. Please check your schedule BEFORE booking a seat. We do not have the resources to back-fill cancellations. Do NOT take a seat unless you are 100% sure you can attend. It's NOT ON to take a seat and then not show!

Only registrations through this page will be guaranteed a seat. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if you are not the intended audience.


Additional Information

Session Abstract

19:00 - Build, run, and scale your Java applications end to end

This presentation will talk about the continuous deployment cloud hosting solution that can scale applications from the smallest projects to those handling millions of visitors. It is ideal for agile software teams because of its unique feature: it can replicate a live production cluster in seconds and create byte-level clones of throwaway dev and staging environments, which makes testing and validation 90% faster.


20:45 - Jakarta NoSQL: Meet the first Jakarta EE specification in the Cloud

Jakarta NoSQL is the first specification of the new era of Java EE now in the Eclipse Foundation home as Jakarta EE. The goal of this specification is to ease integration to Java applications with a standard API that supports more than 30 NoSQL vendors and rising. This presentation will show Jakarta NoSQL with MongoDB and introduce an easy way to move your application to the cloud age.

About Otavio

Otavio Santana is a passionate software engineer focused on Java technology. He has experience mainly in high-performance applications in finances, governments, social media and e-commerce. Otavio core knowledge and experience is in Java SE, Java EE, Spring, and Google App Engine (GAE). He also works with several databases both SQL and NoSQL.

Speaker, VP at SouJava, Otavio is a member of several JSR Expert Groups, JCP executive member and contributor of JBoss Weld, Hibernate, Apache Commons.

He has received a JCP Outstanding Award, Dukes Choice Award and Java Champion Award.

He is also a mean pianist!

Find him on Twitter @otaviojava

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