We Love Music and Tech

Here at Red Badger we have a collective appreciation of music (albeit not always the same taste), and there's always someone ready to crank up the Sonos. A lot of our team have a music background too - some have been (and still are) composers, instrumentalists in orchestras, singers, sound engineers and DJs.

As summer season is upon us - as are a whole host of festivals and not to mention The Proms - it felt fitting that the next event in our series of 'We Love_Tech' talks featured 'Music and Tech'. We've curated the following line up of talks to cover this wide-ranging and technology pushing theme (additional talks to be announced shortly).

Tom Williams - Web Audio APIs

I spend my days writing React component libraries and Node applications for the fashion company Yoox Net-A-Porter, based in London. I also make music in bands, using guitars, synthesisers, and various pieces of software. My interests converge at the Web Audio API, which allows us to use JavaScript to create and manipulate audio in the browser.

This talk will introduce the Web Audio API and the concepts around it, and first look at how it can be used to create oscillators in the browser. We’ll then see how far we can go with the Web Audio API's various features, ending up with a certified dance floor filler, all generated by the browser.

{Other Speakers and Talks to be Announced Shortly....}

Luke Foxtrot Mitchell - Synthesiser Demo

As well as a selection of demos we'll also be closing with a performance from South East London Producer Lukey Foxtrot, who creates sounds using an impressive selection of analogue synthesisers and noisemakers to create 'dark, layered and off the cuff' techno. Listen to his feature on Music Box Radio, or an excerpt from his Soundcloud here

Having started a lifelong love affair with analogue synths 20 years ago, Lukey Foxtrot draws on his experience of being surrounded by the Cornish rave scene growing up as well as his passions for shoegaze, techno, noise and krautrock to deliver hardware-only semi-improvised performances that are immersive, cerebral and danceable.

Luke has been working on an album to be released through Berlin-based label Cambrian Line. You can usually find him performing in a DIY venue, record shop or club in south-east London.


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