W3C Developer Meetup Vancouver

W3C invites local Web designers, application developers, product and project managers, etc. from Vancouver and all over Canada to join the W3C international community at a developer meetup. This event is open to everyone at no cost.

Doors opens at 6pm. *We start at 6:30pm and plan to wrap up by 8:45pm.*The event takes place in "Grand AB, Grand Ballroom level" in the hotel's North Tower.

Meet our speakers:

  • Rachel Andrew (Google)
  • Miriam Suzanne (W3C Invited Expert)
  • Aram Zucker-Scharff (The Washington Post)
  • Greg Whitworth (Salesforce)

Many thanks to our sponsors Yubico, Igalia, Fortune Times Group, Samsung Internet, Legible and WithYou!!



Additional Information

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: W3C TPAC participants must register via the TPAC registration form
  • As it's a free event and space is limited, please have the courtesy to cancel your registration if you find that you will not be able to attend, so that someone else can have your seat. Thanks!