Meet the W3C AB London - Oct 2017

The W3C Advisory Board (AB) is the key group which works on process and strategy within the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) including the W3C standardisation process, how the W3C manages work as well as managing any major issue facing the web and web standards.

The group are meeting in London to hold their regular face-to-face meeting as well hold this evening session from 19:00 (finishing around 21:00) to meet Web Developers and W3C Members based in and around the UK.

This evening session is a chance for the AB to find out about issues of interest to the web development community and fellow W3C members. We'll be giving a short overview of our current work and then holding a Q&A.

The AB are currently working on the new W3C Process for 2018, how W3C use tools to progress standards, how new ideas make it to web standards and how we get working groups to progress standards faster.

Come along on October 16th to ask us about these and any other web topic!


Additional Information

Doors will open at 19:00. The panel will start promptly at 19:30.

Registration is required to ensure you can enter the building. Message @thisNatasha if you have any issues.