Dear Gravel Fondo friends,

you had been looking forward to the Gravel Fondo for a long time. We also! Unfortunately, our cycling season 2020 looks very different from what we hoped for. A joint Gravel Fondo weekend 2020 will unfortunately not take place. We waited a long time and hoped to celebrate our five years anniversary with you.

But even if the regulations loosen up and still somehow should allow a theoretical organisation- lining up with masks at the start or keeping distance at the evening at the buffet - we still consider the implementation to be at least questionable. We hope for your understanding and look forward to seeing you at the next Gravel Fondo 2021.

In order to celebrate our anniversary with you, we are already aiming for the summer of 2021 instead of trying to postpone an uncertain date far into the autumn.

Nevertheless, we would like to offer you an alternative for this year.

More on that in a moment.

The basics: what will become of the registration?

All entry fees paid will be returned to you in full. You don't have to send us an email or do anything else. We take care of this. We originally wanted to offer you the alternative of converting your registration in 2020 directly into a starting position for 2021, but the accounting department threatened us with blunders. Nevertheless, you can be sure: All participants with a starting place for 2020 will be informed by us in advance to get a ticket for the coming year.

Our Plan-B: Gravel Fondo is everywhere!

Gravel can be ridden almost anywhere and we know that many of you conquer the gravel roads in front of your door step all year round. We have the 29th / 30th August marked in the calendar for some Gravel laps with friends. Let's stick to this plan, even if the rides are scattered around as solo rides or in small groups. At least let's tell each other about a full day in the saddle - on Instagram, Strava, Facebook, Komoot, Flickr or Zoom - we set up a digital campfire to toast together and also to award prizes for the nicest pictures on Instagram. As a suggestion, we will reprocess and make available all previous Gravel Fondo routes for you. Soon there will be more specific information about our Plan-B - as well as a brand new Gravel Fondo Kit is soon available and we will prepare some inspiration for your summer rides.

Thanks for your understanding and stay tuned Your Gravel Fondo Team


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  • Sorry - we are fully booked ! But keep an eye on our Gravel Fondo rides !

By the power of Tito