UX Foundation Training | Live online | April 2022

(9.00am - 12.30pm GMT each day)

Fast-paced. Interactive. Collaborative

This course is designed to help online professionals build their skills in user experience design. Our approach is to blend theory with practice. We provide a solid grounding in the principles underpinning UX. And we build on this with hands-on practice in the fundamental UX techniques: customer research, interaction design and user testing.


Additional Information

Who should attend

  • Product managers and heads of online looking for a more customer-centred approach to product development
  • Business owners and start-up founders who believe UX can help grow their business
  • UX designers with some experience who want to take their skills to the next level
  • Web designers, developers and marketers who want to know more about their end-users
  • Project managers and business analysts looking for a better way to define customer requirements
  • Anybody wishing to start - or switch to - a career in UX

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What you'll get

  • Expert-led training
  • Practical, commercial focus
  • Learn-by-doing through hands-on, interactive courses
  • Small class sizes
  • Digital copies of all course slides
  • A Certificate of User Experience from UXTraining.com

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What you'll learn

  • The fundamental principles behind UX design
  • Powerful user research techniques and when to use them
  • Translate your research into customer scenarios and personas
  • Run effective design workshops
  • Design product concepts and building prototypes
  • Why mobile is different
  • Testing your ideas with real customers

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Kind words from happy customers

“Two great days of UX training, with lots of learning, hands-on and laughing. Thanks @UXDIhq and team. Awesome experience!” - Nilson Benis

“Just got back from an amazing 2-day UX training with @UXDIhq in Manchester UK! #UX #goodstuff” - Jeroen Callewaert

“Just attended a 2 day #UXTraining that was amazing! Lots of laughing and learning. Thanks @UXDIhq ! Just loved it. #UX” - Thatiana Mendes

"Great two days of UX training with @UXDIhq . A mine of insights & info. could not recommend it enough" - Shane McElveen

"@UXDIhq A big thank you for the dynamite insights, the tips on collaborating in a diverse team and the interactive hands-on exercises!" - Silvana Precup

"@UXDIhq thank you, it's been a great start to the week! My head is full of UX design knowledge. #ux #training" - Becky Birch

About your trainers

James O'Brien

James has been building digital products for more than 20 years and working as a freelance UX consultant for more than 10, with clients ranging from startups to some of the largest media organisations in the world. He’s spoken at international UX conferences and co-authored a book on facilitating design.

For more information and a detailed brochure, visit www.uxtraining.com