Designing Web Applications (Evening Workshop)

Struggling to make basic UI/UX decisions about your web app? This workshop will help! You'll learn how to develop a product strategy and apply it everyday life, optimize key features, and build your navigation & dashboard. Instead of boring lectures, you’ll be doing hands-on exercises based on real web apps.

This is an evening event starting at 6:00pm. The workshop program is 2 hours, plus a bonus 1-hour Q&A session.


Additional Information

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is very high-level, so it'll be useful for anyone working with web applications — including founders, designers, developers, and product managers.

About the trainer

Jane Portman is an accomplished UI/UX consultant and trainer coming from Russia. She’s an active conference speaker, podcaster, and author of three books on UI/UX design, including Fundamental UI Design, and The UI Audit. Jane helps companies build better software by adopting a simple, strategic design mindset.