Advanced React with TypeScript Workshop

React and TypeScript are two of the most important technologies in the world of web development, but there's more to bringing them together than just creating some .tsx files.

If you're using React and TypeScript at work but feel like you're missing out on what makes the pair so great, this workshop is for you!

In this Advanced React with TypeScript workshop, you'll learn the patterns that make your code more maintainable and self-documenting while taking advantage of inference and the tooling that increases your development speed.

What will you practice?

This full-day workshop is focused on the following topics:

  • Advanced Components: Leverage TypeScript features for defining flexible variants for common components like Modals and Inputs.
  • Advanced Hooks: Create custom hooks with help from generics, utility types, and Zod schemas.
  • Deep Diving into React's Types: Learn how to read through what's happening under the hood so you can squash errors in your code.
  • Advanced React Patterns: Utilize generics, intersections, and mapped types when working with common patterns like Compound Components, Higher Order Components, and Render Props.
  • External Library Types: Understand how popular libraries like React Query, Redux Toolkit, and Zustand use TypeScript, and how you can follow their lead.

Why should you register?

This workshop is a highly interactive, hands-on experience designed to challenge your skills and assumption about using TypeScript and React.

Workshop attendees will break out into small groups to solve challenges before engaging in conversation about solutions with your instructor Matt Pocock. After this workshop, you and your team will be inspired to revisit and refactor your existing React + TypeScript code to maximize flexibility, reusability, and safety.

What experience is required?

This workshop is intended for developers who are already familiar with TypeScript and React who are interested in deep-diving into complex challenges found in large codebases.

**This workshop is not appropriate for beginners.** Working through the free React with TypeScript tutorial as well as the free Beginner's TypeScript tutorial is recommended if you are getting started with TypeScript!

Tickets Prices in USD


June 9th, 2023

9:00am – 2:00pm PDT

Additional Information

This event will occur from 9 am - 2 pm Pacific Pacific (click here for timezones), with a 30-minute lunch break. Tickets are non-refundable. No recording of this live event will be provided. Tickets are transferrable. Event details will be provided in advance of the workshop via email.