Extensible Web Summit - Melbourne Edition

The Extensible Web Summit is a series of unconference-style events organized by members of the W3C Technical Architecture Group that seek to bring together Web developers, Web standards makers and other stakeholders in the future of the Web.

The format is an “unconference” preceded by curated lightning talks.

Topics discussed include the Extensible Web Manifesto but are not limited to it; the Summit is a chance to discuss new approaches, suggest new work, highlight issues and generally discuss the state of the Web platform and its continued evolution.

The Summit is free to attend and depends heavily on participant engagement. After the lightning talks, participants will create the schedule for a set of parallel breakout sessions. These discussions will be moderated and will be minuted, with the intention of informing future work.


Event map

Additional Information

This will be a half-day event, kicking off at 13:00 and running until 17:00, followed by drinks.