The role of founders in realising big ideas: Workshop Dec 2016 (LONDON)

One day, highly interactive workshop: The role of founders in realising big ideas. Based on research with over 500 entrepreneurs and other founders. Scroll down for more info and testimonials.


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For the last three years I’ve been involved in action research with over 500 founders, led by Peter Koenig. The research has uncovered some fascinating common principles which explain why some big ideas get realised, and others fizzle out, and in particular the dynamics surrounding founders.

It's time to get this insight out into the world, so I’m running a one day workshop in London on 1 Dec (there's also another date in Brighton.) It’s just for founders trying to realise big ideas. You’ll explore the principles which came out of the research, all in the context of your own endeavours. It might well lead to some big revelations about the next steps for your big idea.

It’ll be useful to you if you’d like answers to questions like these:

  • What’s the role of a founder in realising a big idea?
  • How can I maintain the startup passion as we grow?
  • Why do acquisitions often drain the life out of startups?
  • What’s the secret of successful co-founder collaboration?
  • How can I ensure my startup doesn’t fizzle out after I exit?
  • How can I hold the vision and also create autonomy for my team?

Thurs 1 Dec. Venue TBC - Central or East London. 9:45AM - 4:30PM, then we'll head out for drinks. 10 places maximum. Includes a delicious lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

There's a fee for joining based on what should be affordable. Your contribution helps me fund myself while I continue the research so please pay what you can.

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Previous workshop participants said:

"intriguing and insightful"

"real clarity on why I have founded the businesses I have"

"great insight on some possible blockages on my existing business"

"a day very well spent and I look forward to spending more time with Tom"

"The results: a common language for my co-founder and I to navigate the ups and downs of lives as entrepreneurs"

"a real understanding of the individual roles of my co-founder and me"

"I'm so happy I discovered this so early. Now I've done this, I can't see how you could found a company not knowing it"

"Tom does a great job of sharing his practical experiences, his theoretical models whilst staying away from dogma and leaving the conversation to emerge based on individuals needs"

"a gift if you're starting a company or if you're feeling a little lost where you are"