This combi-ticket entitles you to attend both the border:none 2014 conference at 17-18 October in Nuremberg AND the first ever beyond tellerrand // Berlin 2014 conference at 3-5 November in Berlin.

Please note: By purchasing this ticket, you have automatically been subscribed to our border:none mailing list (in case you didn't do so before). Also, you will receive a password with which you can log into the border:none website at to create your personal border:none aurora. Don't miss out on this — your efforts will be rewarded.

Attention: In case you already purchased a ticket for beyond tellerrand // Berlin 2014, you are entitled to get a discount of € 79 on your border:none ticket! Simply find the reference code of your beyond tellerrand ticket (some numbers and letters, like «FC4L-1») and construct your discount code like in this example («bono14-btconf-» + reference code):


Please get in touch with us if you've got any problems getting your discounted ticket (and please understand that we can't refund anything in case you already bought both of your tickets without discount).


Additional Information

Recent years have changed the web in a radical way. What ought to be common property is de facto controlled by few big players — organizations, governments, intelligence agencies. Being aware or not, users have lost control of large parts of their personal data and privacy, relying on content silos and depending on secretly centralized services.

Yet, there is an increasing number of independent projects pursuing common goals: The liberalization, re-decentralization and democratization of the power structures on the Internet. Across all areas of life, people start reclaiming — and regaining — lost ground by providing true alternatives to the seemingly-inescapable attraction of the big monopolists. It's up to each one of us to take a position and add momentum to the tug of war for the Open Web.

With the border:none 2014 event, we’d like to take on the topic that some of our speakers already introduced in 2013. We aim to deliver a conference that addresses the subject in a comprehensive and different way and sustainably helps (re)shape the Internet landscape. Together with our attendees, we want to contribute to the deprecation of the centralized web.