The100 Charitable Initiative 14th May

We are The 100 who Give a Damn

Are you 1 of the 100?

We want to help charities in Ireland meet their funding requirements in a real and tangible way.

We are delighted to announce the second event of The 100 which will take place on the 14th May 2020.

Some nibbles will be served to ease the hunger pains.

Event will be from 6pm - 8pm and you are welcome to stay afterwards for some social drinks.

Exact location will be confirmed ASAP but it will be Dublin

We ask you to come along and support this fantastic charitable initiative and help us make difference.


Additional Information

How it works?

Think of us as Dragon's Den for charities - except someone always goes home with the money

Once a quarter, 100 people (or thereabouts) get together. 3 pre-selected local charities deliver 5-minute pitches detailing why their organisations need funds for specific projects. Members then cast a secret ballot to decide the winning pitch. Each charity that pitches on the night goes home with something, depending on number of votes each wins a share of the pot which is approximately €10,000. The breakdown is 60%, 25% and 15% The presentation is then followed by drinks, and the chance to learn more about each charity in a relaxed atmosphere.

How we do it?

Simply put we get 100 people into a room who are each willing to donate €100. We have three charities who each get a chance to pitch for the donations and a vote is taken after all pitches and the prize money is allocated based on number of votes.

Why should you get involved?

Our network is full of people who want to help. The more people who get involved the bigger impact we can make to the charities.

It is also a good fun evening with some great networking opportunities.