Fixfest UK 2023

Fixfest UK 2023 is a gathering for all those involved in community repair across the UK. We'll meet on the 30th of September 2023 in Cardiff, where you'll have a chance to lead and join workshops, talks and hands-on sessions about how we can make repair the norm. Together, we will explore the following themes:

  • Strengthening the UK repair movement
  • The Right to Repair in the UK (and beyond)
  • Repairing in our communities
  • How to repair…

As with past editions, an ‘unconference’ approach will give you the chance to shape the programme by suggesting topics and running sessions.

Fixfest UK began in 2018 and happens every 2-3 years. This third edition is being organised by The Restart Project and Repair Cafe Wales in collaboration with other members of the Community Repair Network. Fixfest UK 2023 is sponsored by SUEZ recycling and recovery UK.

Please note: to ensure the whole of the UK is represented, tickets are limited to two per community repair group and are non-refundable. Tickets will be released in batches, so if they are all sold out, join a waiting list to hear when the next batch is released.


Who is Fixfest UK for?

Fixfest UK is intended for anyone who is actively involved in a community repair group (such as a Repair Café) or repair network in the UK. If you aren't a member of a UK community repair group but would like to come anyway, please email the team at:

For anyone outside the UK, Fixfest international will return in 2024 or 2025.

Need help with travel costs?

We have a limited number of travel bursaries available. To apply, buy the reduced price ticket below and answer the question about the travel bursary. For more information, scroll down to the 'additional information' section below.


Event map

Additional Information

What will happen at Fixfest UK?

Fixfest UK will feature talks and workshops and hands-on sessions, focusing on community repair in the UK. Fixfest UK is an ‘unconference’. Unlike a regular conference, participants collaboratively generate and deliver the sessions they want to see. The beauty of this is it can open up space for discussions and activities which reflect the ideas, skills and interests of the participants. This means that much of the programme will emerge on the day, with only some sessions being scheduled in advance. Find the full programme here.

You will also be able to share your own work by signing up for an unconference slot on the day.

In addition to speaking opportunities, we will also provide spaces to display posters, set up small stands and share printed materials, so feel free to bring these along with you.

Learn more about Fixfest UK here

Can I apply for a travel bursary?

We know trains and ferries are expensive and we don’t want that to be a barrier to people coming to Fixfest from all over the UK. So here’s the deal: we will support up to two people from any active community repair group with a travel bursary.

There are two types of bursary available: a smaller bursary of up to £100 and a handful of larger bursaries of up to £300 (or more) per group. The larger bursaries are intended for those coming from furthest away (especially from Scotland or Northern Ireland) and who may need to stay longer.

To be eligible for either, you must be part of a UK community group that runs regular repair events that are free for the public. We encourage people to take public transport options like trains and coaches whenever possible. For those coming from further afield, the bursary may also be used for overnight accommodation.

We have a limited number of travel bursaries available, so can't guarantee a bursary to everyone who applies. We will prioritise applications from those who need to make longer or more expensive journeys.

To get your travel bursary, purchase a reduced price ticket and answer the question about applying for a travel bursary. We'll verify your affiliation to a community repair group, ask you about your travel needs and give you the green light to book your trip. You'll need to book and submit a digital version or photograph of the receipt(s) along with your bank details by midnight on Sunday 10th September. Reimbursement will take place after Fixfest UK. If you don’t attend we won’t be able to cover your travel.

Pre-Fixfest social

For anyone arriving in Cardiff on Friday 29 September (the day before Fixfest UK), we'll be organising an opportunity to meet other Fixfest participants:

Drinks at RE:MAKE Newport (separate ticket required) On Friday evening, we'll meet for drinks at RE:MAKE Newport, an innovative high-street repair hub and sharing library in nearby Newport. RE:MAKE is also very close to Newport Market, an excellent spot to grab some dinner. Please note: You will need a separate ticket to attend. If you have booked a Fixfest UK ticket and haven't already received an email about this Friday evening social, please get in touch for full details:

Find more information on the official Fixfest website.

Fixfest UK 2023 is being organised by: The Restart Project and Repair Cafe Wales in collaboration with the Community Repair Network and is funded by The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and sponsored by SUEZ recycling and recovery UK.

The Restart Project (organising partner) Restart is a charity and social enterprise based in London that supports community repair groups in London and around the world. We bring together the repair community through events like Fixfest and also campaign for the Right to Repair in the UK and EU.

Repair Cafe Wales (organising partner) Repair Cafe Wales is a Community Interest Company that facilitates pop-up events, offering training and advice to encourage communities that want to work towards a more Circular Economy, creating a culture of repair and re-use, directly addressing the ever growing emergency of unsustainable growth in landfill and waste.

Community Repair Network (supporting partner) The Community Repair Network is a decentralised group of regional and national networks and individual Repair Cafés. It exists to strengthen and support grassroots repair in the UK.

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (funder) The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust is a Quaker trust which supports people who address the root causes of conflict and injustice.

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK (sponsor) SUEZ in the UK manages recycling and waste for local authority and business customers. We are pioneering sustainable solutions and innovative technologies for the UK’s circular economy, putting re-use and repair at its heart.