Lead Dev Meetup - New York - October 2019

Welcome to the meetup for those who are currently (or soon to be) leading and managing technical teams!

⏰ Schedule

  • 6:00pm - Arrival, refreshments, networking
  • 6:45pm - Welcome
  • 7:00pm - Alexandra Millatmal
  • 7:30pm - Andy Lister
  • 7:45pm - Networking
  • 8:30pm - Close

🌟 Speakers

Host: Jason Wong (Leadership and D&I Consultant)

Speaker: Alexandra Millatmal (Web Application Developer, Newsela)

Talk: Mentoring the way to a diverse and inclusive workplace

Do you work at a company that is “difficult for juniors”? Do you care about diversity and inclusion of under-represented groups at your workplace? Do you ever stay awake at night with the gnawing feeling that these two ideas are somehow incompatible, but can’t put a finger on why or explain to your company how?

So often, the endeavors of hiring and mentoring junior engineers and of bolstering diversity and inclusion efforts are seen as “nice to haves” at best and “extraneous” (or even “impossible”!) at worst. But in reality, building diversity, inclusivity, and strong ability to incorporate and mentor junior engineers go hand-in-hand, and engineering teams might do well to begin thinking of each of these efforts in service of the other.

Together, we’ll articulate the intersections between on-boarding and leveling-up junior engineers and building a diverse and welcoming team, and learn low-cost tactics for incorporating mentorship and D&I processes at your place of work.

Speaker: Andy Lister (Director of Product Engineering, Greenhouse)

Talk: Refactoring an R&D Team

At the start of the year, the Greenhouse Product Engineering team went through a major restructuring that aligned engineers, designers, and product managers more closely with the specific problems — and more importantly, the specific people — they’re most focused on helping. In this talk, Andy Lister, Director of Engineering will share the history of their team structure, the impetus for change, and the radical shifts they’ve seen as a result.

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Additional Information

🔹 Code of conduct

As with our conference, The Lead Developer Meetup is a safe and inclusive event for all. By attending, you agree to our code of conduct: conduct.theleaddev.com

🔸 Accessibility & inclusion

We make sure to use venues that are accessible for wheelchair users and the talks will be delivered with a microphone and sound system. If you have any specific accessibility requirements, please let us know. To help make our meetup more inclusive, we provide non-alcoholic drinks and vegan and gluten-free food options.

◼️ About our speakers

Alex Millatmal is a programmer with a passion for work that has real-world impact. As a Web Application Developer at Newsela, she writes software that helps students read and teachers teach.

When she's not thinking about refactoring her Ruby or good object-oriented front-end patterns, Alex spends a lot of time thinking about secular space/discourse, ethics in communicating “othered” experiences, how many cats are too many cats, and if she’ll ever write a novel.

Andy Lister is currently the Director of Engineering for Greenhouse Recruiting product. Prior to Greenhouse Andy was a co-founder at Dasher.