Grok 2014

Here's where you can snag your very own ticket to Grok 2014. You're in for an awesome ride, my friend.

What is a Grok!?

Grok is an invitation. Come to one of the best small cities in the nation. Talk, listen, eat and drink with world class people asking a ton of hard questions, digging into great issues, and making headway on some decent real-world solutions.

I thought tickets were $150 before, and I'm upset. What happened???

There's only one excuse for raising the price like we did, and that's race cars. "Race what," you ask? Race cars. And off road vehicles. With you behind the wheel. On special, private tracks and trails. We'll explain more soon, but for now, just watch this and this.

If you have a medical condition that prohibits you from driving, email and we'll make accommodations.

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Join us for a three day event sans the how-to sessions from industry leaders. We think a 10 minute session of hard questions from a new face is as good as a lock-tight answer from an old pro. We started Grok because we wanted to learn big, and go big.

Check out Grok 2013 thoughts and re-caps from Allen Branch, Matt McManus, Colin Devroe, and Elise Viotto.

Or watch our video and see for yourself: