The Dev Bakery - November/December 2015

Cassandra for the .NET Developer

Ashic Mahtab

Cassandra is one of the most versatile data stores currently available. A marriage of dynamo and BigTable, it is a partitioned row store that is easy to pick up, and incredibly powerful. It has crazy ingestion rates, brilliant query performance, scales horizontally, has no single point of failure, is fault tolerant, has cross data center replication built in, provides tunable consistency... the list goes on. The .NET client is also easy to use and quite robust. Cassandra can be used in a variety of scenarios. However, all these benefits come at a cost. The querying capabilities of Cassandra are a lot more limited compared to traditional SQL stores, and query driven modelling is almost required. The limited querying capabilities put an added focus on modelling, and the difference between a well performing app and a poor one can be subtle.

In this session, we'll explore Cassandra, its strengths, weaknesses, use cases, and how to make use of it for many types of applications. Whether you're in LOB apps, need a resilient data store with incredible performance, data analytics, or simply a database that causes less headaches at 3am in the morning, come along and have a look!


Additional Information

The event runs from 7-9PM. but plenty of us also go to one of the local pubs afterwards for a sneaky half!

Please keep hold of your ticket confirmation email, it contains the information you need to cancel if you can't make it - and please do cancel if you can't make it, we do feed you for nothing, so accurate attendance numbers are pretty important to us :)

If you're interested in doing a 10-15 minute lightening talk at the start of this meeting, or any other meeting, please let us know - it doesn't necessarily have to be development related.