The Dev Bakery - March 2017

Azure For: Developers

Richard Tasker

Azure has a wide list of services it provides, but what is the right ones to use for you project. In this session we will build a micro blogging platform solely using Azure technologies. As the application develops we will cover the different technologies available and implement one of them in the application.

We will talk about how to deploy the application and host it in Azure. Data Storage, what data storage technologies are available and there features. Scaling, How to setup auto-scale in Azure. As part of this section we will cover queues ad Azure Functions. As your application grows you will want to analyse the performance and the logs generated, we will do this using some of the BI tools available in Azure.


Additional Information

The event runs from 7-9PM. but plenty of us also go to one of the local pubs afterwards for a sneaky half!

Please keep hold of your ticket confirmation email, it contains the information you need to cancel if you can't make it - and please do cancel if you can't make it, we do feed you for nothing, so accurate attendance numbers are pretty important to us :)

If you're interested in doing a 10-15 minute lightning talk at the start of this meeting, or any other meeting, please let us know - it doesn't necessarily have to be development related.