SOLD OUT - Silverstone Lapland Tesla Owners UK Takeover Event!


► What do I need to do?

Follow the instructions on your tickets for the evening. Arrive on time with enough charge to get you home (ideally) or to a supercharger/charger (if really required). Any problems with your ticket please contact Silverstone directly.

► Will there be charging on-site? No, please aim to arrive with enough battery power to ideally get you home again without charging (to allow for those that really need the local superchargers plenty of space).

► Want to book the cinema? On the night you can upgrade your ticket for the cinema. There is no way to do this before the evening.

► Will the superchargers nearby be gridlocked? Probably for a bit at peak times so please aim to not charge on the evening if you can (e.g. charge to 100% before you leave).

► How can I help others on the night? 1) If you predict that you will need a charge even when leaving on 100% SoC from home please aim to charge closer to your home instead of closer to Silverstone if possible. 2) Please consider alternative 3rd party chargers Vs Tesla on the night if you really need the charge, e.g. grabbing a late dinner and charging on an Ionity/Chargemaster rapid in Milton Keynes if heading back to London for example. 3) If you don't have children with you please consider staying on later (if possible) at Silverstone or not charging immediately when you arrive at a supercharger to give priority to those with families that need to travel back. 4) The nearest superchargers are Northampton, Banbury, Newport Pagnell (South), Oxford & Warwick but if you can reach further ones then please do. 5) To reduce any queues at superchargers please only top up what you need to get home. 6) If you've got a hi-viz jacket, please chuck it in the car, we should have plenty of volunteer marshalls but just in case it might be useful. 7) Be cautious of other Tesla owners that might not understand why superchargers are busy, get them to join the club if they're not already a member ?

► What is happening afterwards? We're aiming to all park up after the cinema / lapland experience has ended for a group photo of the cars etc at the very least, we plan to have marshalls directing all Tesla vehicles to the area. Obviously, Covid restrictions may get in the way here so please be patient with Silverstone staff, we will see what we can do  ? ► I have another question? Please read ► I have a question that isn't answered on the FAQs above. Please post a comment on the event page >

Thanks, Will


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