HealthTO - July 2016 - The Future of Privacy & Security in Healthcare



July 20th, 2016

6:00pm – 9:00pm UTC
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HealthTO meetups bring together the Toronto healthcare community to discuss topics related to the future of innovation in health and wellness.

THE CROWD: Toronto’s healthcare professionals and innovators

THE SPEAKERS: Highly curated leaders in health and wellness innovation sharing their expertise & experiences through panel discussions and keynote presentations

THE FORMAT: Mingling & drinks > demos & showcases > community open mic > panel/keynotes > mingling & drinks

THE VIBE: Fun, friendly & relaxed with complementary food & drinks

THE TOPIC: We're featuring the following innovators in healthcare for a panel discussion on "The Future Of Privacy and Security in Healthcare":


• Aliya Ramji, Director of Legal & Business Strategy, Figure1

• Dustin Walper, CEO & Co-founder, Akira Medical

• Grace Soyao, CEO & Founder, Self Care Catalysts

• Frank Wang, CEO & Founder, ResearchDB

Interested in getting involved? We're always on the hunt for great volunteers, speakers, sponsors and demo products to showcase at each event. Contact us through Meetup!

THE DEMOS: alt text Komodo OpenLab is the creator of the Tecla Shield - an assistive device that allows people with physical disabilities to interact with touchscreen devices using the adaptive controls they already use (i.e. wheelchair joysticks, buttons, sip-and-puff controllers, or head arrays).

alt text Greenspace has developed a platform that allows psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists to easily measure and monitor patient health outcomes. Patients complete medically validated assessments electronically and the resulting data is displayed to the therapist and patient in an easy to interpret display.

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CleanSlate UV rapidly disinfects a range of portable electronics and medical devices for hospitals in under 30 seconds.

alt text

Dash MD is a mobile platform that provides recent emergency department patients with the tools, resources, and recommendations to local healthcare service providers they need to successfully traverse their road to recovery after a visit to the emergency department.

alt text

We're driving a revolution in surgical performance. SIGMA's targeted reports allow you to optimize performance where it counts. In the operating room.


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