IOTA Barbecue - how Distributed Ledger Technology shapes our future

All about distributed ledger technology and IOTA, a Meetup-Style Sundowner Event with Keynotes, Panel, Startups and Team Game. Wonderful outdoor location waterside with Barbecue, Drinks, Networking, DJ Lounge

Program: - Boat shuttle from Funkhaus to Hafenküche Start 6pm (pls register for our event)

Presentations and Keynotes:

  •   How does Blockchain/ Distributed Ledger work? Learn about Distributed Ledger Technology: Business impact, Status Quo, Benefits of individuals, Use Cases like Smart City, Smart Living, Mobility and Energy
  •   Keynote Founder IOTA Foundation: Dominik Schiener
  •   Introducing IOTA Cases with Partners (Sponsors), Startups and latest developments.
  •   Barbecue, Networking, Waterside Lounge