Alternative Financing - how to use the power of Crowd-Investing for your company | TOA23 Satellite

In this event Start-Ups and SMEs can get first hand expertise on the alternative financing method that Crowd-Investing offers. With ten years experience and over 200 successfully financed projects under our belts we aim to answer questions such as: When should my company consider a Crowdinvesting campaign? What is a no go for this kind of campaign? How to create momentum and use the campaign to get Startupsfinancing and grow your business? How to use your Investors, network, customers and promote the campaign? BYO-Questions!

This event one of TOA23's satellite events happening in Berlin from July 4 - 7. Check out the full program here.



July 5th, 2023

7:00pm – 8:00pm CEST
General Admission