Design Sprints - Building Products Customers Love

This 3 hours fast-paced and hands-on workshop introduces participants to Design Sprints and provides a structure that teams can use to rapidly prototype and test new ideas without useless discussion.

What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a five-phase framework that helps answer critical business questions through rapid prototyping and user testing. Sprints let your team reach clearly defined goals and deliverables and gain key learnings, quickly. Developed by Jake Knapp, a Google Ventures design partner, the method has worked for products as big as Gmail and Google Search and for businesses as wide-ranging as Facebook, Airbnb, Slack, Medium and many more.

Who is it for?

  • Designers, Developers, Business or Product people
  • Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and employees of startups or corporates
  • Executives at large companies
  • Team leads and managers

No previous experience with Design Sprints is required for this session!

Who is hosting it?

Sprintbetter is a collective of freelancers that helps corporates and startups to solve critical business challenges and develop products and services faster by using Design Sprints.

The event will take place at the MotionLab.Berlin which is a hotbed for young companies that are starting with an idea and grow it to a successful small production series in a mobility focused ecosystem. With office spaces, workshops and manufacturing facilities for the community MotionLab.Berlin offers an optimal infrastructure for startups and companies to develop and finish a prototype.


For this event a limited amount of tickets is available and registration is mandatory. Please register only if you really plan to attend!

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This event is a TOA Satellite Event. Hurry and get your TOA Berlin festival tickets!


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