Meet & Greet: Creating Artificial Intelligence in Berlin

Hosted by Technologiestiftung Berlin.

Artificial Intelligence – for years just a buzzword – has been working its way into both our workplaces and our personal lives for quite a while now. Today we encounter AI in retail, production, analytics and even the creative arts. How will our new coded colleagues and friends influence the future of our work and everyday life? The Technologiestiftung Berlin invites you to meet and mingle with Berlin’s AI experts and enthusiasts to talk about AI projects and research from the capital and to see the technology in action: you’ll have the opportunity to test out whether an AI can mix you a cocktail.

Lightning talks by Florian Dohmann, Birds on Mars GmbH, and Dr. Tina Klüwer, parlamind GmbH.

This event is a TOA Satellite Event. Hurry and get your TOA Berlin festival tickets!


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