Car APIs – Enabling Mobility Services of the Future

Hosted by Daimler TSS

Parcels being delivered into the trunk of your car, sharing your car with friends or using geofences to prevent your car from being stolen are exemplary benefits of a connected car.

In our workshop you will have the chance to learn about how car APIs and connected cars are working.How can customers interact with the car and which data is the car delivering to the cloud? What are the benefits for car drivers? Which services are already available and what will the future look like? What do you think?

As developers of mobility services we take a look behind the scenes. We provide insights on an existing car interface and will discuss how APIs may shape the future of mobility services. To make the ecosystem between customer, developers and mobility services more vivid and tangible we will have Amazon’s Alexa talk and interact with our connected smart live on stage!


By the power of Tito