Lego® Serious Play® 101 | Experience the Method

Hosted by lsp-coaches

In this workshop you will get to experience an introduction to the Lego® Serious Play® method to get a basic idea of the magic that happens when you work with Lego.

Fun and deep understanding go hand in hand. The 3D-Modeling uncovers the hidden potential, subconscious thoughts and hidden wishes of every team member. And also helps to lead a constructive conversation with your team even on the most uncomfortable topics. In this teaser you will experience the method yourself. Learn how to let your hands do the thinking.

Join us and you will get a hands-on experience of the method with the coloured bricks.

This event is a TOA Satellite Event. Hurry and get your TOA Berlin festival tickets!

THERE WILL BE ONLY 25 SEATS AVAILABLE. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Your ticket will not guarantee you access. PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME. Drop-in & drop-out not possible.


By the power of Tito