Keller Sports Perform

Hosted by Keller Sports GmbH

Come run with us!

In honour of the TOA, on 19th June we’re getting together with Nike to complete the Keller Sports Perform Challenge.

Join us at 6:00 pm at the meeting point: Berlin Tiergarten (Joseph-Haydn-Straße, 10557 Berlin). To take part in this running challenge, all you need to do is download the KELLER sMiles. app onto your phone and register for the challenge in the app.

At the run, you’ll receive a pair of Nike test shoes to try out and a free Nike x KSP x TOA t-shirt to keep. Apart from the 5k run, this challenge involves a quick warm-up at the start and some cool refreshments at the finish.

6.00 pm Welcome | Get Nike trial shoes* | Show us your KELLER sMiles. App on your phone and receive the offical KSP x Nike x TOA shirt 6.40 pm Warm-Up | a Nike coach warms you up for the run | 6.50 pm Start your run thru Tiergarten | we put together a cool 5K route for you | 7.30 pm get some refreshment drinks, upload your run to KELLER sMiles. and have a good time.

The first 100 runners to present their challenge results at the TOAxNight box office on June 20th will get a free evening ticket.

Free drinks await you from 7 pm at in the Funkhaus foyer.

*first come first serve

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This event is a TOA Satellite Event. Hurry and get your TOA Berlin festival tickets!


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