Follow the White Rabbit into the DATA SPACE by SAP

Hosted by DATA SPACE by SAP

Enter one of the many Berlin backyards and fall into the rabbit’s hole. Expect an avant-garde oasis of technology for an evening of fascination and fun.

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The DATA SPACE is the flagship venue for SAP in der Hauptstadt, where the concept of meet-work-eat is taken to a stimulating new level. Seize your invitation for an exclusive peek at the Customer Experience Labs innovations driving the SAP C/4HANA Suite, presented by SAP’s Philippe Souidi.

Afterwards, enjoy BBQ dining and drinks while exploring our digital showcases. Immerse yourself in technologies like AI and machine learning and transcend the ordinary consumer journey. Engage fellow creators with your intellect, then show off your rhythm to the pulsing beats of DJ Craft (K.I.Z.).

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the SAP Customer Experience Innovation Team and feast on the future!

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This event is a TOA Satellite Event. Hurry and get your TOA Berlin festival tickets!


By the power of Tito