“Can machines think responsibly?” – a London Tech for Good meetup

Every day we see more examples of the use of artificial intelligence emerge that not only showcase the transformative potential, but also the increasing threats of AI in our lives.

So how can we ensure that we use AI as a force for good? How can we use AI to help us imagine and realise its potential to meet the challenges we’re faced with today and in the future?

This event as part of the London Tech for Good meetups (meetup.com/techforgood) will hear from a range of speakers paving the way for responsible AI to become the new normal.

The event will run from 18:30 to 21:00 with talks and a panel starting at 19:00.


Registration and networking

Welcome and intro to tech for good LDN meetups

Talk 1 Alice Piterova, Head of Product at AI for Good @ImpactAlice @AIforGoodUK

Talk 2 Alex Fefegha, Co-founder and Head Creative Technologist at Comuzi Lab @creativetechish @comuzi_lab

Panel with three fantastic speakers: Ivana Bartoletti, Head of Privacy and Data Ethics at City-based consultancy Gemserv @IvanaBartoletti Eleanor O’Keeffe, Head of Content for CogX, @ellondon Sébastien Krier, adviser at the Office for Artificial Intelligence @sebkrier

Questions from the audience

Community announcements


Close of event


Additional Information

As always, we’ll have our community announcements at the end, which is a chance for attendees to share an update, funding opportunities, jobs and more with the community. If you’d like to share yours in advance with the organisers, email us at mail@techforgood.tv.

We charge £3 (+VAT) to help manage numbers, which goes towards the cost of running the event. We don't want this to become a barrier to attendance, so please get in touch with us directly via mail@techforgood.tv if this causes a problem for you.

Dama and Ellie (meetup.com/techforgood)