Users Unravelled: The Practical Application of Behavioural Science in UX Research 2024

Registration begins at 6PM

Event begins at 6:30PM


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Welcome back to The UX Crunch in 2024 and a year of exciting educational networking events. We’re getting started this year with a 2-part series on User Research, kicking off with an exciting exploration of behavioural science.

Thinking about new ways to hone your research and better design for the intricacies of your user’s mind? Well, then this event is for you!

On Wednesday 28th of February, we will be joined by professionals who have dedicated their careers to unravelling human behaviour and translating these insights into actionable UX strategies.

We will take you from the foundations of behavioural science and common frameworks, through to practical methodologies that can be applied tomorrow. Gain inspirational engagement strategies to help sell the value of Behavioural Science in UX and advocate for its application within your organisation. Finally, join us in a panel to understand the limitations and ethical considerations in the application of Behavioural Science, discussing our accountability as researchers, the importance of transparency and more.

Join us for an evening of awesome talks, discussion and networking in the heart of London as we push forward toward more intuitive, user-centric digital experiences. There is a lot to cover and we have a tight schedule; so doors are opening at 6.00 pm and talks starting at 6.30 pm sharp.

Please arrive on time to avoid missing the first talk.